Construction Claims Management

Stoneboy has an impressive track record in providing expert advice in the events of construction disputes and discord. We assist clients with forensic scheduling to identify, prepare, and analyze construction claims. Our success is based on many factors, including extensive experience in project management; professional competence from numerous construction projects in multiple industries; specific knowledge of the design, procurement, and construction processes; and an immaculate attention to detail.


At Stoneboy, in addition to utilizing industry standard methodologies, we also deploy an in-house methodology for simulating the project's lifecycle. VMP (Variation Management Protocol), purpose built at Stoneboy, is a simpler yet sturdier solution for identification of issues during the project lifecycle, and for the quantification of such issues.

Our thought leadership and innovation, combined with our expertise and deep understanding of  the variables in construction dispute scenarios, assist us in the production and defense of claims. 

Types of Claims Analyzed and Resolved

  • Construction Delay Claims

  • Force Majeure Claims

  • Differing Site Conditions Claims

  • Construction Defects and Design Defects Claims

  • Change Management Claims

  • Project Administration Claims

  • Inefficiency Claims

  • Acceleration Claims

  • Substitution, Suspension and Termination Claims

Construction Dispute Management (CDM)

  • Claims Evaluation

    • Variation Management │ Change Management

    • Document Management and Control

  • Claims Preparation

    • Variation Analysis │ Forensic Scheduling & Analysis

    • Delay Analysis │ Impact Analysis

    • Forensic Scheduling

  • Expert Reports and Testimony

    • Quantification of Delays, Disruption, and Inefficiency

  • Support for Claim Resolution to Owners, Contractors and Legal Counsel

    • Mediation │ Negotiation │ Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

    • Support for Litigation


Methodologies for Analysis

  • Time Impact Analysis (TIA)

  • Windows Analysis or Contemporaneous Period Analysis

  • Collapsed As Built Analysis

  • Impacted As Planned Analysis

  • As Built vs As Planned Analysis