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20 Sep 2017

We are glad to announce our new Service Modules. At Stoneboy, we have revamped our project delivery framework. Stoneboy has adopted a modular approach to project management, and the revised Service Modules are a step in that direction. 

Some features of our Service Modules, and the general modular approach:

• We have redefined all our services in the form of modules. Our clients now have the flexibility to engage us for specific modules.

• The Service Modules align with, and address various stages of a project's lifecycle.

• Our services are available as a single module, or a combination of multiple modules, as per the needs of our clients.

• Such a modular approach to project management brings benefits of lean management. It helps identify scope, and bring consensus on the deliverable, the process, and the risks in the beginning of the assignment. 

• We are also glad to mention that the newly rolled out Service Modules also utilize and benefit from three in-house, purpose built methodologi...

15 Sep 2017

We are excited to announce our new blog, which we have aptly named /aggregate/. Aggregate could be understood as a collection of several component elements, or their sum total. In choosing this name for our blog, we look forward to present ideas, events, and things which are important to us. We imagine it as a collective of ideas which are of interest to us, and which span multiple planes of knowledge and curiosity, both within and outside the construction and heavy engineering industry.

At Stoneboy, we excel at what we do. And our commitment to continuous learning helps us keep an eye on innovation (and creativity) at almost everything we do. /aggregate/ is our space to find elements of the box, and our take on how to leap out of it.

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September 20, 2017

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